Communication Programs

“The #1 skill that all business professionals must improve to create increased performance is communication.”

— Dr. Jack Wolf

Presentation length is based on your specific needs and can range from short, 1-2 hour sessions to full-day, in-depth programs.

Communicating with Employees
Motivating Your Management Team

Effective managers know that it’s important to communicate information clearly to employees in order for them to be successful in their Jobs. However, trying to convey meeting and training session information so that your staff can quickly apply new skills can be a real challenge. This workshop has been designed to give managers, supervisors and trainers the techniques they need to improve communication and performance within their companies.

Attendees will learn proven strategies to:

  • increase long-term retention of information
  • assess employees’ learning styles
  • measure the effectiveness of your company’s training efforts
  • create a culture where learning occurs at all meetings and training seminars

Improving Communication Skills
Why People Don’t Listen

An interactive, techniques-filled seminar designed to enhance the ability of participants to communicate with increased clarity, authenticity, and confidence with colleagues, customers and associates.

During this session, participants will:

  • learn about the five distinct personality types
  • practice communicating with all five different personality types
  • gain an understanding of individual learning styles and how to use this concept to increase their effectiveness, both when communicating to others and when receiving new information
  • learn about the right and left hemispheres of the brain and how each affects application and retention of the information they want to communicate
  • learn how to make sure others remember what they have to say
  • diagnose their own challenges as well as learn and practice primary techniques of group communication dynamics

This course promotes awareness, confidence and an increased ability to communicate with others in all phases of their lives.