Learning Programs for Business

Employee training – making it work for you!

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, advanced business training skills are a necessity. The Creating a Learning Environment courses demonstrate creative, brain-based learning techniques, presentation skills and information that will assist trainers, managers and salespersons in designing sessions guaranteed to create maximum retention, understanding and application of their material. Increase your results with employees, clients, students and others by using the latest in adult learning techniques when facilitating your next meeting, training session, presentation or focus group.

  • This program moves beyond typical presentation skills training
  • The most comprehensive train-the-trainer program available
  • Learn effective “how-to’s” for getting your message across
  • Develop employee training programs that work by incorporating these effective techniques
  • Bridge the communication-learning gap and increase workplace performance

“From a participant perspective in your “Creating a Learning Environment” basic course, you need to know how impressive your work is! Your message, material, delivery and training methods engage participants at the highest level. Your techniques are stimulating and while content laden, they enable participants to learn easier/faster, and you no doubt already know how effective you are in the long term memory/application of your learning techniques.”

—Gurn H. Freeman, Managing Director, Federal Express

These 2-day courses can be delivered in half-day or full-day increments
Inquire about custom-tailoring the courses to fit your budget and/or schedule requirements

Creating a Learning Environment 
Basic Course – Presentation Skills Seminar

“The key to the application of new information and performance improvement lies in the ability of your participants to learn and remember it.”

—Dr. Jack Wolf


To create an optimum learning environment and deliver effective employee training programs of all types, managers, trainers and others need to discover what makes a successful trainer/presenter. In this two-day, train-the-trainer seminar, participants discover many creative methods to promote learning and retention in their own sessions. Discover how a participant-centered focus will deliver the maximum results from your sessions.

A few program highlights:

  • 10 key components of a successful presenter
  • 24 interactive techniques guaranteed to stimulate your audience
  • Guaranteeing long-term retention and application of your material
  • Creating safety and ownership in the training/meeting room to maximize participation
  • Audience engagement and socialization
  • How learning styles affect performance and behavior
  • Creating your personal presentation “tool kit”
  • 12 most powerful words in the English language

This techniques-based, highly interactive presentation skills seminar is a must for presenters, managers, trainers and others involved in delivering information or workforce learning.

Creating a Learning Environment 
Advanced Presentation Skills Seminar – Making the Shift from Training to Learning

The Advanced Course is based on modern adult learning theory and its application in the workplace. During the course, attendees will learn experiential exercises that will move them from a focus on managing and employee training to one of learning and performance improvement.

The key is the shift from traditional methods of delivery to a focus on the learner by using proven adult learning concepts within all areas of the organization – trainings, meetings, sales, management retreats, and withvendors and customers.

Participants will gain an understanding of the following concepts and topics:

  • Application of adult and accelerated learning theories
  • 7 key variables that affect learning and retention
  • Working with group dynamics
  • Designing employee training programs for maximum impact and retention
  • Understanding behavioral, cognitive and learning styles
  • Practice and feedback on your “up to now” presentation style
  • 7 Principles of Lifelong Learning

High impact, experiential and outcome-based, this session gives you the knowledge and expertise to create successful, performance-driven employee training programs.

“…. you created a true learning experience for the attendees. You introduced information on how adults learn and showed us the huge difference between “training” and “learning”. You modeled so many active learning techniques and behaviors that our participants could not wait to get back to their offices and incorporate them into their classes……..Jack, you exceeded beyond all expectations. You have helped raise the bar in our company and we are grateful.”

—Ms. Jan Kovan, Director, Metropolitan Property & Casualty Insurance

Additional Presentation Skills Topics

Shorter in length than the in-depth Basic and Advanced Presentation Skills Seminars, these interactive presentation skills workshops have immediate impact. They deliver numerous techniques and adult learning tactics that can be used immediately to increase your effectiveness as a presenter or trainer. Each workshop is highly interactive and tailored to meet your budget and schedule requirements.

  • Assessing Your Training Style
  • Presenting to Both Sides of the Brain
  • The Learning Style Approach to Training
  • Brain Research and Long-term Memory
  • N.L.P. – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Adult Learning Theories
  • Auditory Research (why people don’t listen)
  • Research on Visualizing and Intelligence
  • Making Learners “Smarter.”
  • The Formal/Informal Training Room
  • Teaching Technical Subjects
  • Low-cost Training Techniques
  • Learner Interaction and group processes
  • Using Visuals in a Training
  • Computer-based Education – Solution or Problem?
  • Making the Training Stick Back-on-the-Job
  • Generating Audience Participation
  • The Shift from Training to Learning
  • Accelerated Learning Techniques
  • Trainers and the Learning Organization
  • Presentation Technology – Making it Work for You
  • Adult Learning Applications
  • Making Effective Presentations
  • Training Materials Design