Producer University™

Total Immersion Sales Program for the Financial Services Industry

An Investment in Yourself Today Enhances Your Results Tomorrow
Prospecting and Production Immersion Training

The Producer University is a 2 to 4-day total immersion training experience to take producer production to the highest level. Each segment focuses in-depth on improving skill levels in a particular area and provides techniques that are usable and relevant.

Producer/Client Relationship Strategies

The focus will be on increasing the strength of your agent/client relationships to help increase your production.

  • Fact-Finding techniques that lead to user-friendly financial presentations
  • How to ensure clients’ retention of the key points of your presentation
  • Creating the space for a client to make an informed decision
  • Developing an environment of trust and professionalism

The Producer/Client Marketing Relationship

Techniques and information which producers can use to create effective marketing material that gets results.

  • How your agency is perceived in the marketplace – and how to improve this perception
  • How you have “branded” your services up to now
  • What type of clients do you currently have – and why
  • Bring your current marketing materials for an in-depth review
  • Creating your marketing material – the science of colors and long-term memory

Agents should bring their current marketing and presentation material (including any PowerPoint presentations) for a hands-on review and suggestions on how to change the way they present their agency to others. Each participant will receive sample client presentation templates.

The Shift from Selling to Closing

Point-of-sale techniques and effective methods designed to bring you from selling your product to closing the sale.

  • How to collect in-depth data from resistant clients
  • How to stimulate your client to make an informed decision
  • What exceptional customer service really means
  • Guaranteeing the highest levels of ethics and professionalism within your agency

Time Management

  • Organize your practice – 4 key elements of making the most of your time
  • Participants will receive time management templates to help get them on track!

Seminar Selling Skills

This part of the Producer University course will focus on seminar selling skills and provide for feedback, techniques and in-depth skill analysis. During the course, producers will learn:

  • Who they are as a presenter (communication strengths)
  • How to get to know their audience (profile, expectations, and so on)
  • How to organize a presentation
  • How to plan the support material
  • How to state their objectives as a presenter
  • How to plan delivery so as to maximize attention and retention
  • How to help seminar participants apply what they have learned

The Seminar selling skills course is an intense presentation skills program that puts the spotlight on the participants from the moment they walk into the room. Participants are videotaped and are able to view exactly how their audience sees them. Feedback sessions enable participants to safely engage in an idea exchange to take advantage of the best practices of their peers. Warm-ups, energizers, and other tactical presentation methods are learned.

Presenters need to be aware and often reminded of key concepts which influence the type of two-way communication that transpires from a good presentation. Producers will learn about key concepts such as:

  • 5 levels of engagement
  • socialization of individuals in groups
  • the importance of BrainBreaks© for both the presenter and his/her audience
  • how learning styles affect both the presenter and the audience

If the program is company-sponsored, the company’s marketing material and point-of-sale aids will be reviewed and used in the demonstrations. Each Producer University™ program is customized to the needs of the specific producers in attendance.

Most modules within the Producer University™ program can be presented as a single session. Please contact us for more details on creating the perfect program for you!