Sales and Customer Service Programs

Increase Sales and Customer Service Performance

Discover what customers really want. These sales and customer service training programs are designed to give you the tools and techniques to create lifelong customers. Developing great sales and customer service strengths is a solid business decision with immediate impact on your bottom line. These seminars give you a unique combination of interpersonal skills, sales tactics and usable techniques to dramatically increase your results. Invaluable for sales, customer service and call center managers, customer service and sales reps and anyone who deals with customers on the phone or face to face.

Presentation length is based on your specific needs and can range from short, 1-2 hour sessions to full-day, in-depth programs.

Building Customer Relationships
Sales and Customer Service Training

Success in selling and customer service often requires expert technical knowledge, but overwhelmingly, your success is based on the rapport you develop with your customers. In today’s market, developing the interpersonal skills necessary to create new customers and keep your existing ones satisfied and loyal should be your number one priority. This hands-on, techniques-based sales and customer service training program is designed to give you and your CSR and sales team members the specific techniques necessary to:

  • Enhance sales and phone skills
  • Increase customer service focus and performance
  • Improve customer communication
  • Know and assess individual levels of accountability
  • Align employee goals with the corporate vision and mission
  • Increase individual and group performance levels
  • Create a thriving sales environment

This dynamic, interpersonal skills seminar is consistently rated #1 at conferences and sales meetings.

The Supervisors’ Course
Improving Team and Employee Performance – Building the Skill Level of Managers, Supervisors and Trainers

Managers and supervisors are often on the front line of any initiative to improve sales results and customer service. It is important to understand how, through improved training and management methods, your team’s performance can be greatly enhanced by creating an effective sales culture.

This management training is a participatory workshop that addresses how to manage, support, motivate and improve your sales team. Participants will upgrade their skills from supervisor to learning coach. Topics include:

  • adult learning
  • meeting techniques
  • coaching skills
  • Increasing individual and group performance levels
  • Aligning employee goals with the corporate vision and mission
  • Assessing individual levels of accountability

At the end of this session, managers and supervisors will know how to keep employees focused when they are on the phones or with customers, create job-aids for various campaigns, conduct meetings where learning can occur, motivate accountable employees and model learning in all interactions.

Keys to Closing the Sale

Deliver a sales skills training program that creates lifelong customers!

What are the keys to closing a sale? How can you know exactly what your customer wants and what he or she is really saying during a sales interview? Understanding the customer and developing a rapport during the sales process is one of the keys to moving the client towards a buying decision.

This interactive seminar will focus on the salesperson at the “point of sale”. You will learn a variety of effective techniques to use whether you are on the phone setting an appointment or in person with a customer. Topics will include:

  • Moving your customer from analysis to a buying decision
  • Making yourself unique from the competition
  • 10 ways to improve your marketing material
  • How to get (and keep) your customer’s attention
  • Making your presentation memorable
  • Techniques for creating lifetime customer relationships

Learn to create sales presentations that deliver results based on proven techniques that get your customer involved and motivated to buy!

Selling to Both Sides of the Brain

An interactive, results-based program, this session demonstrates how to creatively present technical or content-laden material. You will learn how to break the preoccupation of your customers and associates to engage both sides of their brains increasing their understanding, application and retention of material. Discover ways to create the optimum physical and mental environment for learning and increase awareness of individual learning styles.

During this interactive and comprehensive sales skills seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Apply adult learning principles to get and keep your clients’ attention
  • Increase your clients’ motivation level and get them involved
  • Deliver complex information with increased retention and understanding
  • Shift from selling to providing customer solutions
  • Increase your bottom line by using these principles