The Leadership Academy

Creating Your Tomorrow Today — The Leadership Academy™The Leadership Academy will help you discover solutions to the most commonly recognized challenges of professionals, managers and leaders today. This intensive, 2 to 3 day interactive development program focuses on the examination of leadership and management skills and attitudes necessary to create a successful operation. This “hands-on” Academy is designed for participants to “learn-by-doing” and provides follow-up materials for afterwards. The Academy delivers high-energy, high-content, high-participation and usable techniques.

What Does the Academy Accomplish?

Graduates of the course will:

  • Recognize the potential in others and motivate them to results
  • Create an office environment that enhances production and customer service
  • Use a tested and practical format for office and individual action plans
  • Know the 5 techniques to promote your salespeople, producers and employees to want to improve
  • Create a formal team and mentoring system in your office
  • Use the latest techniques to reduce stress internally and at the office
  • Obtain the latest learning resources for yourself and your staff

Who Should Attend?

The Academy is designed to assist leaders/managers respond to issues facing branch operations

  • Leaders/Managers who want to learn new techniques to enhance both their business and personal life
  • Leaders/Managers who want to significantly increase their performance results
  • Leaders/Managers who want to learn from their peers
  • Leaders/Managers who are action-motivated

Comprehensive 6-Step Program

1. Workshop content tailor made specifically for you and your employees

  • Bring your professional challenges with you – during the session you will receive ideas on how to address them
  • Walk away with new ideas and how to apply them

2. Interactive Exercises

  • Leverage your skills at a leader and coach
  • Tips on how to achieve balance in your management and other duties
  • How to use a practical action plan
  • Create an environment of maximum productivity

3. Sales Motivation

  • Changing external to internal motivation – Motivating your salespeople to achieve
  • Setting and focusing on production goals
  • Dealing with problem individuals

4. Effective Meeting Leadership

  • How to get meeting “buy-in”
  • Facilitation skills to promote participation
  • Keeping meetings on track from start to finish

5. Networking for Results

  • Give and receive peer feedback from others “in the same boat” as you
  • Learn new ideas to solve old challenges
  • Build a support network among your peers

6. Course Follow-up

  • Identify what you will use
  • Assess what is working / not working
  • Create benchmarks for your success
  • Make change happen for you and your employees

Mission: “To create an environment within an organization where participants know they can and will create the future that they want as individuals and collectively as a team.”

“Jack Wolf receives my hearty recommendations for creating the Leadership Academy™ …this three day event provided a framework for our employees to communicate on a multitude of levels that immediately enhanced their ability to work together to accomplish day-to-day tasks and long-range goals.”

Harry N. Stout, President, F+G Life